Huge imbalance in Liverpool forward’s pay as weekly wage totals reported

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We all want to be paid as much as everyone else that we work with, but there are several factors that can result in an imbalance.

Obviously ability is the main one and the best players will be paid the most money, but there’s also something to be said for leveraging interest from other clubs and getting the timing right to ensure a player is paid the highest possible amount.

The Mirror recently compiled a list of the weekly wage for Liverpool’s senior squad, and it won’t surprise many to see that Mo Salah tops the list at over £200k per week.

He’s arguably their best player and he’s often linked with a move away, so it makes sense to tie him down to a long term contract to keep him at the club.

Where it does get interesting is when you compare him to one of his fellow forwards Sadio Mane – with the Senegalese star earning around half of what Salah does at “only” £100k per week.

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In a way you can argue they are both as important to the first team as each other although Salah does have ten more league goals this season, so that suggests he does deserve to earn more.

Where Mane may get annoyed is when he sees that Roberto Firmino earns £180k per week, and you would have to argue that Mane has made more of a contribution to the team recently.

It’s not even to suggest that the others earn a disproportionate amount in terms of their talent, but it sure looks like Mane deserves a pay rise when you look at those around him.

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