Jurgen Klopp gives his views on title parade this summer as Liverpool potentially open themselves up to ridicule

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While plenty of Liverpool fans did take to the streets to celebrate their Premier League title win earlier this year, the club still haven’t had a chance to hold an official parade to celebrate the win.

There are clearly hopes that it could happen this summer depending on how things go with covid-19 and the plans to ease lockdown, but Jurgen Klopp doesn’t sound overly optimistic at this point:

The other problem with this would be the timing of the parade after this season, as there’s still a reasonable chance that Liverpool won’t finish in the top six.

Social media these days is full of “fans” who are more obsessed about commenting about other clubs rather than supporting their own, so you can already see a race to see who can be the first to post “Why ARe yOU HavINg a PAraDE fOR FinIShing 8th? lols”

That’s more a damning indictment on the state of social media these days, but there could be a fear that the parade will open the club up to ridicule.

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Our colleagues at Empire of the Kop have also looked at this situation, and it seems that they have a decent outlook on how this would go.

They point to the long wait for the title and the fact that there’s no real reason to listen to the morons online, so the fans and the players should absolutely have the opportunity to come together and celebrate when the time is right.

Unfortunately there will inevitably be memes or a resurgence of the picture of Jurgen Klopp counting to six to demonstrate their final league position this season, but it will still be worth it.

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