Chapecoense tragedy survivor, Edwin Tumiri, escapes bus crash that killed 21 people in Bolivia

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According to Ole, Edwin Tumiri, one of just six survivors of the tragic plane crash involving Brazilian side Chapecoense in November 2016, has escaped a bus crash that killed at least 21 people.

Tumiri, who is a Bolivian aviation technician, was left with a knee injury on Tuesday after a bus crashed off the ravine between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

Ole report that 21 people have died in the accident that occurred in the town of Ivirgarzama, with 30 people surviving the crash.

Here is what Tumiri has had to say after the incident in Bolivia:

“The bus was running, there I grabbed onto the front seat, I knew we were going to crash because we were going at high speed.”

“I kept holding on, I didn’t scatter until we got to the ground. I crawled out, sat down, my knee was injured and I said ‘again, I can’t believe it.'”

“Then they came to rescue us, I was not unconscious. I think I was the first to be taken upstairs.”

Tumiri was also questioned on the horrific Chapecoense accident by Red Uno, an affiliate of CNN:

“What I always do, let’s say, even at that time, is that I entrust myself to God and nothing is going to happen to me, nothing is going to happen to me.”

CNN add that the bus fell some 150m down a ravine, whilst travelling at 72km per hour. CNN state via Red Uno that Tumiri is recovering at the Arebalo clinic in Cochabamba.

Tumiri reportedly had surgery on Tuesday afternoon and is now in a stable condition.

He is certainly blessed to have survived two accidents in his life, but we can’t even imagine the pain that Edwin carries on a day-to-day basis with both accidents in mind, being amongst tragedies that have killed a total of 92 people.

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