Huge blow for Real Madrid and Barcelona as court case orders them to pay back millions in illegal state-aid

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While there may be talk of Real Madrid and Barcelona spending big money in the summer in an effort to improve, it’s hard to see it actually happening.

It’s widely publicised that both clubs are in a ton of debt so the money simply isn’t there, while it’s a tough time to raise funds through player sales when most other clubs are struggling just now.

Barca are having a tough time just now after their former President was arrested and so much is still up in the air, while a report from the AP this afternoon has delivered more bad news.

It relates to a court case that’s been rumbling on for a few years now, but it’s centred around state-aid that both teams received after it was deemed to be “illegal” in the courts.

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The latest ruling comes from the top court in the EU who have decided to uphold the original decision, so it looks like both clubs will need to repay a lot of money.

It’s confirmed that the amount is in the millions although it may be capped at €5m, but the exact amount will still need to be decided by the authorities in Spain.

It might not sound like a huge amount when you consider some of the transfer fees that are going around these days, but if both clubs are already struggling for funds then this is the last thing that they need.