Video: Liverpool denied a penalty after huge handball shout against Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante

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There have been plenty of complaints against some of the refereeing decisions this season, and it’s clear that all the fans really want is some kind of consistency in the game.

That’s almost impossible when the handball laws are literally different for attackers and defenders as any hint of a handball will result in a foul – something that Fulham found out earlier this evening.

There was a decent shout for Liverpool tonight as the ball clearly hits Kante on the arm, but it’s just a case of the ref deciding if it warrants a foul or not:

The problem with VAR here is that this decision is a judgement call from the ref where he’s clearly decided that the handball wasn’t a punishable offence, so it doesn’t technically fall into the clear and obvious error category either.

If the game is to be fair then there’s no chance that this can be go unpunished when the Fulham incident was given as a foul earlier, but it’s hard to see it being sorted anytime soon.

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  1. Referees in this league are just stupid.the only way this can be done away with is punishing them for such faults.

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