“He needs to go” These Newcastle fans are even more angry with Steve Bruce as he misses the point over training ground bust up

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It’s never a great sign if any colleagues are actively trying to fight each other, but in football it may depend on the circumstances.

If it’s just a heat of the moment thing when there’s a lot of tension in the air then maybe they can work past it, but if it’s just some deep seated resentment that’s coming to the fore then something has to change.

It’s becoming pretty clear that nobody at Newcastle likes Steve Bruce anymore, and this recent report of him acknowledging the incident with Matt Ritchie has just made some of the fans even more angry:

He just seems to miss the important point in this. He’s not fussed about trying to improve himself or the team, it’s just about trying to find out who’s letting everyone know that he’s a shambles and stopping the supposed leak.

It looks like his only concern here is his own reputation and preserving his status when he does leave, so it’s understandable that plenty of fans just want him gone:

The reaction and opinions about Bruce only seem to be going one way…. are there any Newcastle United fans out there who genuinely want him to stay at this point?

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