Huge controversy in Barcelona as club suspected of making payments to anti-Catalan independence movement

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You’ll always hear that clubs and players should avoid politics from people if those clubs or players happen to have views that they don’t agree with, but there will always be some sort of crossover.

What you don’t expect to happen is to see a club actively donating money to a political cause, and this has the potential to cause a lot of division in Barcelona just now.

Football-Espana have reported that there are allegations against Barcelona which state money from the club has been paid out directly to movements which opposite Catalan independence, and we’re talking about six figure payments here too.

We often hear that the players at the club are proud to be Catalan and there is a big support for the independence movement in the region, so this is something that the club simply cannot be getting involved with.

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This has all emerged as part of the corruption case against former President Josep Maria Bartomeu, so it also makes you wonder what else is likely to emerge in the next few weeks.

The club has clearly been run terribly in recent years and they’ve gone from being an all-conquering team to being an also ran in La Liga and the Champions League, but the details around this case are genuinely shocking.

There are also allegations that Bartomeu had been found with a list of journalists who refused to spout his propaganda which is also deeply troubling, so it makes you wonder what on earth has really been going on behind the scenes at the club.

There will be hope that a new President can be appointed soon and they can get back to focussing on the football side of things, but don’t be surprised if something else remarkable emerges from the previous regime.