Man United given an overwhelming chance of Europa League success with Arsenal a distant second

Usually you would expect the best team to rise up and win every competition, but that only usually happens over the course of a league season.

In a way it’s why fans love knockout cup competitions because the draw can play a huge part in the overall outcome, while teams know that if they aren’t on their game for just one match then they could be knocked out.

The Europa League still appears to be wide open with several great teams left in the competition, but it appears that some of the analytics have Man United as the overwhelming favourites to win the whole thing:

They do have one of the tougher draws against Italian giants AC Milan, but they are on a pretty poor run of form and injuries are taking their toll so that appears to be reflected in this.

Arsenal do rank as the second favourites in this chart but they are a 9% behind United in their chances, so it does suggest the pressure in on Solskjaer to guide his team to victory.

Obviously football isn’t played on paper and that’s why we all love it, but there are some interesting figures to look at in those analytics for sure.

This is Jose Mourinho’s best route to the Champions League next year and he can never be counted out in European competition, while Steven Gerrard’s Rangers side always look dangerous so they must be hopeful too.

Europa League specialist Unai Emery could also upset the odds with Villarreal, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the final stages of the competition.