Video: Ray Parlour makes wild accusation aimed at Liverpool’s owners as evidence of poor form

Liverpool’s loss against Chelsea on Thursday evening has seen pundits out in force giving opinion on what it is that’s behind such a dip in form.

One of the wilder accusations came from talkSPORT’s Ray Parlour.

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The former Arsenal man not only didn’t put it down to the incredible amount of injuries that the Reds have had to contend with, nor just a more general drop in standards, as can befall most teams at some point in a season.

Parlour suggested the fault lay with Liverpool’s owners for not strengthening the squad appropriately at the start of the season.

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  1. DAVID NAINA says:

    In a way the guy is right.

  2. Steven Miller says:

    Absolutely correct, it’s like Hicks and Gillett all over again, 1 good season no need to invest. Look at Man City.. Need CB but 2 £100m..soon to be champions, they shop at harrods, we at pound land. We’ve now lost the aura we built over the last few years.

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