Video: Zlatan explains the incredible reason why his staff activated GPS on him on the way to the Sanremo Festival

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There really is never a dull moment with AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

If he’s not going head to head with Inter’s Romelu Lukaku or plundering goal after goal for the rossoneri, then he is, as in this case, scaring his staff enough that they were forced into activating a GPS on him for his own safety.

The cause?

The Swede was due at the Sanremo Festival but was running late after being stuck in traffic for three hours.

In typical Zlatan style, he got out of the car, flagged down a motorcyclist and asked him to take him to the festival, then suggesting he could drive the bike after not being happy with the rider’s way of doing so.

His staff wanted to ensure he wouldn’t be kidnapped, hence the GPS tracker.

Oh, Zlatan!

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