Video: Car apparently carrying Rangers boss Steven Gerrard appears to knock over unsuspecting police officer on Ibrox approach

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An Ibrox bound car, which was allegedly carrying Rangers manager Steven Gerrard, appeared to accidentally knock over an unsuspecting police officer on the approach to the stadium this afternoon.

Pandemonium erupted outside Ibrox this afternoon, with Rangers on the verge of winning what would be their first SPL title in what feels like a generation. Of course, considering everything they have been through in that period, it’s a huge moment for the club, but someone ought to remind the supporters that there is a pandemic going on.

Someone also ought to have warned this police officer in the clip below not to wander out in front of cars that are on the move, because in this case, the car which allegedly had Rangers boss Steven Gerrard inside, knocked him to his backside.

There’s nothing concrete to suggest that Gerrard was at the wheel at the time of the incident, nor that whoever was filming was the driver, so it’d be wrong to suggest any wrongdoing from any party.

Though, Gerrard might have some apologising to do when the police officer in question wakes up with a bruise on his back end tomorrow morning…

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  1. Total rubbish, the copper trips over as hes trying to usher the fans back- pish reporting

  2. Have you even watched the video?
    The man who fell over was well aware of the car,he had pretty much guided it in up to that point.
    To quote donald trump “fake news,your a terrible reporter”

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