Betting giants on brink of collapse with hundreds of punters set to lose thousands

Betting platform Football Index is on the brink of collapse with hundreds of customers set to lose thousands of pounds.

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Following its launch in 2015, the unique platform, which is centred around buying and selling shares in real-life football players, emerged as an exciting alternative to traditional sports betting.

The platform’s concept is very simple – Buy shares in players and sell them, ideally for a profit.

There are a handful of ways a customer can yield a profit from their trades. The first method is by identifying a potential world-beater, purchasing for a low price and selling on for a higher price further down the line (capital appreciation).

The second is by purchasing an already established player and earning ‘dividends’ through either mentions in the media or on-field performances.

For more information on how trading works, you can read an in-depth article I wrote on Football Index last year here.

All sounds great, right? – Well, recently the platform has restructured it’s dividend payout structure and slashed player’s sell prices (as per Guardian).

Presumably, the company realised their payout structure was unsustainable and in a desperate attempt to prevent further losses, slashed sale prices, literally overnight.

At the time of writing this, there has been no word from the company’s board of directors on how they plan on moving forward.

However, following the platform’s sudden payment restructure, shockingly, although rather expectedly, customers have been left out of pocket, with some even reporting losses well into the thousands.

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