Report indicates Newcastle United takeover is still possible after recent development

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It’s amazing to think that Newcastle were potentially close to a game-changing takeover last summer and they were linked with some huge names in the transfer market, so it’s been a cruel return to reality this year.

Those dreams quickly gave way to the recurring nightmare of aiming for nothing more than a 17th place finish, and there’s nothing at the club which indicates that will change.

Mike Ashley is never going to show the ambition to do anything more so he’s holding them back, while Steve Bruce doesn’t have the coaching ability to improve players or the tactical ability to make the team punch above it’s weight.

It means the only way out of this would be for a takeover to happen, and it does still look like there is the faintest hope that the big could be revived:

It must be said that £13 is nothing to the people involved in this so it could be little more than a procedural move or a box ticking exercise, but in theory it makes it much easier for the takeover bid to be revived.

There’s little to suggest that it’s close to happening and there are still so many hoops to jump through to actually get it all approved, but at least there is still a little bit of hope.

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  1. it doesn’t look good seeing as how the saudis are now negotiating with a prominent italian club.

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