Meeting planned: Cristiano Ronaldo destined for Juventus exit as they set asking price – It’s less than you might expect

It’s tough to figure out a value for any player in the current market when finances are tight, but you would generally expect a 36 year old striker to go for very little.

Obviously that changes when it happens to be one of the greatest players of all time, and it’s starting to look like Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the move this summer.

Football Italia have indicated that Juve have a meeting planned with Ronaldo over his future as an exit appears to be inevitable, and it looks like the asking price for a transfer will be around €29m, which would be affordable for a lot of top teams in Europe.

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Obviously there are much bigger financial issues with Ronaldo as he’ll have huge wage demands and he’ll also need a project that involves winning the Champions League very soon, so it will be interesting to see what kind of market is out there for him.

If there’s a lot of money involved then it’s natural to point at Man City or PSG as destinations but surely he wouldn’t go to City, but a move to Paris could make sense.

Any club that does buy him will immediately get a boost in terms of their marketing with him and he’s still a top level player, but he’s not a long-term option so that could put a few sides off.

It’s confirmed in the report that Juve paid a fee of €120m in 2018 so they will take a loss on this, but the biggest challenge will be finding a buyer who can meet Ronaldo’s demands.

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