Brazilian legend now living out of a hotel after cashing in his chips and selling his £1.2m mansion

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Reaching the highest of highs as a footballer has its advantages, not least in a financial sense.

Some players, however, take the high life a little too literally.

Ronaldinho is a shining example of a huge talent that arguably wasted years of his career by being attracted to the bright lights and hangers on.

His fellow countryman, Adriano, can also be lumped into the same bracket with the Daily Star reporting his historical quotes of when he used to turn up to training drunk after long nights out.

Adriano is now living in the £10,000 per month presidential suite of the Grand Hyatt, Rio de Janeiro

Thankfully, it appears that his years of wild living and debauchery are over now that his career has finished and the Brazilian is enjoying a life of luxury.

After selling his £1.2m mansion, the Daily Star report that he is now renting the £10,000 per month presidential suite at the beachside Grand Hyatt hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

Complete with all of the trophies he’d won during his career, Adriano has made the hotel room a real home from home and finally appears to be relaxed, well and enjoying his retirement from the sport.

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