Pep Guardiola still isn’t happy but it’s got nothing to do with his Man City squad

There are some certainties in life, one of which is that Pep Guardiola is never happy.

The Man City boss demands perfection in all aspects of his work and appears to be as demanding on himself as he is on his players.

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It’s been that way ever since he took over the Barcelona senior side and led them to an incredible sextuple in his first year in management of a first team (he’d previously coached Barca’s youth side).

His way of working doesn’t just extend to those around him, however. He wants anyone and everyone involved with the first team in some way to have the same work ethic.

Pep Guardiola isn’t happy with the grass at the Etihad Stadium

That’s why he seems to be none too happy with the ground staff at the Etihad Stadium.

According to BBC Sport, Guardiola isn’t impressed with the pitch and, given that his way of playing means players need to have an immaculate surface where they can execute short, sharp passing carousels, it’s something that needs addressing soonest.

“I know the weather conditions here in England are tough, but there are stadiums where the grass is good,” Pep was quoted as saying.

“We were in London against Arsenal, at Anfield, at Old Trafford and the grass was better. We were in Budapest in the Champions League and the grass was incredible, red carpet.

“They’re working a lot, they are trying to find a solution but the grass is not good.”

Frankly, if that’s all he has to concern himself with at present, the rest of the Premier League should be worried.

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