Manchester United captain Harry Maguire gives x-rated boot up the backside to lacklustre teammates

Manchester United had virtually nothing to show for the opening 20 minutes of their clash with West Ham this evening – and Harry Maguire was not happy about it.

The Red Devils, who have been playing a serious amount of football recently, took a while to get going out on the Old Trafford turf tonight, even though it was a potentially pivotal fixture in the run-in for top four.

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Standards are high at Man United, especially when the stakes are equally high, as they are now, and it’s captain Harry Maguire’s job to ensure that those standards are met.


Harry Maguire wears the armband for Manchester United.

They weren’t being in the opening stages of today’s game, and as a result, Maguire was forced to give his teammate(s) an almighty boot up the back-side. He’s not mixing his words, here…

Unfortunately for the TV channels, the lack of crowd noise within the stadiums means that players are extremely audible. Maguire ought to keep it clean next time, to avoid any risk of kids at home picking up bad habits.

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