Video: Harry Kane unpunished after striking Arsenal defender Gabriel with dangerous play for the second time this season as Spurs lose

Tottenham Hotspur and England superstar Harry Kane has infuriated the Arsenal fanbase with a controversial moment in the 74th minute of today’s North London derby.

Kane, who endured a relatively and rarely quiet game against the side that released him as a kid, rushed towards Gabriel Magalhaes and barged the centre-back with some real venom.

This wasn’t just the usual shoulder-to-shoulder action though, the barge from Kane also quite clearly had some impact on the neck of the Arsenal defender, which isn’t nice to see.

Kane went unpunished for the incident, Michael Oliver didn’t even seem to consult VAR after the apparent dangerous play.

The England captain actually left the very same Gunners star in a spot of real danger when the sides met earlier this season as well, with Kane told he’d ‘break someone’s neck’ eventually’ with his backing in.

Thankfully, Gabriel didn’t appear to suffer any serious damage as a result of today’s antics from Kane, whilst he had the last laugh with an amazing last-ditch block after the striker hit the post late on.

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Pictures from DAZN and Sky Sports.

Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler’s reaction to the moment might also infuriate the Gooners:

There have been quite a few accusations and apparent evidence of dangerous foul play from Kane this season, with the striker’s ‘signature move’ causing fury, with that tactic for want of a better word even used by the striker on his former England teammates Adam Lallana and Aaron Cresswell.

Did today’s incident warrant serious punishment or has it been exaggerated? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Tony Borg says:

    That has to be the worst game I’ve seen Spurs play for years. The fact that it was a North London Derby makes it even worse, there was no fight, passion, effort or movement, the only Spurs player that came out of that with any credibility was Lucas Moura.
    I honestly never want to see Doherty wear a Spurs shirt again, he must be the worst right back we’ve ever had, he was done every time they attacked down their left and he never learnt, he didn’t have a clue what was going on.
    Bale was none existent and never tracked back off the ball, you would have thought he would show some fight being the game it was. He was a complete waste of time.
    God knows what Sanchez was thinking putting in a challenge like that in the box, he was nowhere near the ball and he was lucky not to go himself.
    As for Lamela, apart from the odd bit of brilliance he shows now and again like his goal, he runs round like a headless chicken throwing his arms around, having been booked already, he was a complete idiot doing what he done.
    We seriously need an overhaul in the summer, getting rid of Doherty, Sissoko, Lamela, Aurier, Dier, Lloris. We need all these out and probably one or two more, although we probably won’t make much money out of that lot to replace them, uncle Joe needs to put his hand in his pocket for once and supply Mourinho with some cash to buy some quality for a change.
    20 years of ENIC, Lewis and Levy and nothing but a league cup to show for it is a terrible record, something like 11 managers or so levy has been through, it’s really time we got rid of ENIC, I for one don’t want another 20 years of no real investment in the team. If they don’t show some intent in the summer we’ll lose the likes of Kane and Son, and if that happens, we really will be in trouble.

  2. Disceyes says:

    As for the awful challenge by Kane he has to go for that, it is dangerous play and not the first time he has done it either. Only way he learns is to punish him for it with a red card, the referees have a duty of care for the players on the field. Or are we to wait for him to seriously injure someone and potentially end their career or ability to walk. The backing in challenge he does will break somebodies neck one day, Lallana was lucky to get up from the challenge, the force he goes into Gabriel with and the fact he makes absolutely no attempt to play the ball was reckless and could easily cause injury or harm = red card.

  3. Dominic Cassidy says:

    And to make matters worse the commentator tried to excuse Kane by saying that it was born out of frustation.

  4. potter says:

    It’s nothing new for an England captain / Shearer got away with it for years as well.

  5. Denis Lobo says:

    It is nothing new for an England captain to be allowed latitude in tackles. However, the barge on Gabriel was off the Richter scale and should have been reviewed by VAR. The corrupt PGMOL and not fit for purpose use of technology by them makes the FA look like idiots…rich ones but sporting idiots.
    The flick kicks by Lamela off the ball on Xhaka and on Luiz were commented on by Alan Smith but VAR and BBC MOTD seemed to ignore the two red card offences. It is not unusual for such villains to score soon after. It is as though crime pays is the motto under PGMOL officiating when playing against Arsenal.

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