“This is the key period” – Journalist gives update on proposed takeover of Newcastle United

ChronicleLive reporter Mark Douglas, speaking on the latest edition of the Everything is Black & White podcast, has given his view ion the proposed, long overdue, takeover of Newcastle United.

It’s the worst kept secret in English football that Newcastle are a club with untenable leadership. The resentment from the fanbase towards owner Mike Ashley is insurmountable, with he himself likely to be willing to sell if the numbers are right.

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There’s been talk of interest from a Saudi consortium, among others, but nothing has actually come to fruition, much to the frustration of the Newcastle faithful, no doubt. The fan base has been through enough pain over the last decade for it to be prolonged even a month longer.


Ashley is unpopular in Newcastle

ChronicleLive reporter Mark Douglas has attempted to give those interested the inside track on the situation. Speaking on the latest edition of the Everything is Black & White podcast, this is what he had to say on the topic of Newcastle’s proposed takeover…

“He does seem wedded to the idea of the Saudi consortium.

“I think that’s probably because he’s heard what we all heard in the summer about what their plans were for the club, and also what potential retail benefits that he might get from working with the Saudis as well.

“So, it feels to me like this is the key period, isn’t it? We did it in a podcast earlier; we said that spring was going to be key.

“Now people can see what I meant by that, the arbitration is going to be not too far away, I don’t think; arbitration will happen in the next few months.

“I think it will probably happen before the summer or a point over the summer, and then it’s where you go from there.”

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