Arsenal and Spurs offered three-time Champions League winner on a free transfer this summer

There are numerous players in football who are made to look better than they are because they’re a perfect fit for their club.

That assessment could be harsh on Lucas Vasquez, but it looks like we could find out what he’s like at a different club as he looks set to leave Real Madrid this summer.

He’s one of those players who isn’t as good as his teammates in a technical sense but he works hard and never lets you down, so he will be an interesting pickup for someone.

A report from The Mirror has confirmed that he’s set to leave Real Madrid for free this summer after rejecting a new contract, while his agent has reached out to Spurs and Arsenal to offer his services.

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His overall record in Madrid is impressive as he closes in on 200 first-team appearances and he’s also a three time Champions League winner so he’s obviously a good player, but is he what either team need just now?

He could be an interesting option for Arsenal if they move on from Cedric or Bellerin as he can cover at wing-back without demanding to player there every week, while you can also see Mikel Arteta appreciating his effort and dedication on the pitch.

Those are similar traits that Jose Mourinho likes in a player so he should be interested if he’s still in the job too, but there’s always the chance that the agent is doing this to force Real Madrid to give them what they want.

He would certainly be an interesting and solid signing for either team, but it’s probably not a player who’s going to excite the fans.

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