Spurs star set for an awkward few months as the fans start to turn on him after disrespectful admission

Press conferences are often dull as players and coaches repeat the same media-trained answers every week, but there’s probably a good reason for that.

Even the slightest thing can be taken out of proportion so it’s understandable that nothing noteworthy is said, but it does look like Gareth Bale may have done a good job of burning all of his bridges recently.

A report from This is Futbol has indicated that Real Madrid have no intention of taking him back so that isn’t going to be an option, while Bale also admitted in a press conference that he only really came to Spurs in an attempt to get fit for Wales and the upcoming Euros.

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That is quite a big problem as it suggests to Spurs that he doesn’t really care about them and it’s not a surprise that it’s been seen as disrespectful, while the report goes on to quote several fans as saying that they don’t want him to stay after the summer.

The problem for Bale is that could leave him in a situation where nobody really wants him next season and his wage demands will be more than a lot of clubs can pay, so he may end up being a highly paid amateur golfer again next year if he’s not careful.

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