Arsenal ace discusses why he no longer kneels at the start of fixtures as a way to denounce racism

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Over the summer, all sports leagues worldwide had a conversation about race and went about different actions to try and combat the matter. 

Football has long had its incidents with racial slurs or abuse towards players, and Arsenal FC forward Willian has endured his racial abuse in the past. Last month, the 32-year-old shared messages from those racially abusing the player.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, Willian discussed race, where he made it known that he’d like to see significant changes that prevent these incidents in the future. Despite the Premier League trying to spotlight the subject, there continues to be racial abuse towards the black players in England.

Furthermore, Willian adds that heading forward, he wants to see the Premier League do more than the kneel gestures denouncing racism. Players began kneeling over the summer to spotlight and condemn the racial abuse players face in football—however, the lack of measures taking place as to why Willian no longer kneels.

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  1. I am sick and tired of my team Arsenal buying oldies from Chelsea BUT I fully respect that stance Willian has maid by not kneeling anymore.
    Football has to do more to resist racism f.x. ban teams both clubs and countries.

  2. It is a mockery when you kneel and get abused immediately after the referees whistle.Keep up Wilian

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