Video: Chaos in Serbia as Cristiano Ronaldo last-gasp winner denied by lack of technology – He completely loses it

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Technology in football gets a pretty bad rap, but apart from one freak moment in the Premier League last season the goal line technology has been brilliant for football.

It stops the officials having to guess if the ball has crossed the line as they aren’t usually in position to make the call, but international football still has to catch up.

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We saw a huge case for it tonight as Cristiano Ronaldo’s last minute effort appeared to cross the line, and he just cannot believe that the goal hasn’t been given:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s shot was in but there is no goal-line technology from soccer

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Ronaldo was booked for getting into the face of the official on the side-line and the goal wasn’t given, but there are plenty of angles which suggest the ball is over the line:

In fairness it’s tight and if the refs can’t see it then they cannot give the goal, but it makes a huge case for goal-line technology in international football, especially at the senior level.

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