Pundit names five Premier League strikers who were better than Aguero, including two Arsenal legends

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Darren Bent has named five legendary Premier League strikers that he’d have ahead of Manchester City star Sergio Aguero.

The Argentina international is leaving Man City at the end of his contract this summer, as was officially announced yesterday, and there’s no doubt he will go down as one of the all-time greats of the English game.

Aguero has 257 goals in 384 appearances for City, which has helped the club win four Premier League titles and numerous other major honours.

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Still, Bent is seemingly unsure about Aguero’s place as one of the very, very greatest we’ve seen in this country, as he’d put five players ahead of him.

Among those are Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney, which you could certainly make a case for, but Didier Drogba and Ian Wright are slightly more controversial choices.

Bent also made special mention of Andrew Cole, who is perhaps an underrated figure in Premier League history, though he stopped short of naming him above Aguero.

Even Arsenal fans, who would no doubt have Henry as the best ever, might question the decision to include Wright in there, even if he is undoubtedly up their with the finest players in their club’s history.

“He’s up there as one of the very best, you have to say that,” Bent told talkSPORT.

“His goals-to-minute ratio is incredible. In terms of Man City’s transition into what they are now, he was a major part of that, he’s an outstanding player and Man City fans will miss him.

Sergio Aguero has been a world class performer for Manchester City

“But, I’m putting Thierry Henry above him,” he said, as his boyhood Arsenal allegiance made itself loud and clear.

“For me, Thierry is the best and personally I don’t think Aguero is in the same bracket in terms of all-round play.

“There’s a lot Thierry could do that Aguero can’t, but it’s very limited what Aguero can do that Thierry couldn’t.

“For being the actual best, there are so many arguments. You’d have to say Alan Shearer, 260 is an incredible record, and I think Rooney is up there.

“If you ask me who my top-five are, it would be: Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba, Ian Wright, Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer.

“So Aguero wouldn’t make my personal favourite top-five.

“And somebody who doesn’t get a mention is Andy Cole, he scored 181 Premier League goals but only one of them was a penalty, in his entire career, that’s frightening it itself!

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“When you look back at Thierry, everything he did was effortless in terms of his finishing, his assists, his pace, you’d have to say in one period he was just unstoppable.

“Alan Shearer was just a goal machine, every season was 20-plus and he had two big injuries where he pretty much missed two seasons.

“Then there’s a player like Drogba, and if I’ve got to pick one player out of everyone on my list for a cup final, I’m picking Drogba.

“And that’s coming from an Arsenal fan, he terrorised us! But his record of goals in the Premier League, FA Cup finals and the Champions League final, I’m putting him up front.”

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