Arsenal star pleads with club to ‘agree’ summer exit as heartbroken star hopes to fulfil family wish

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According to Marca via comments made to ESPN, Arsenal star Lucas Torreira has plead with the club to agree an exit to boyhood club Boca Juniors, with the ace done with European football from June.

Torreira has made the admission following the death of his mother, Viviana di Pascua, earlier this week. Viviana sadly passed after a battle with Covid-19 following an outbreak in Fray Bentos, Uruguay.

The defensive midfielder, who is currently on loan at Atletico Madrid from the Gunners, stated that he is ‘dying’ to play for Boca Juniors, the club he has supported since he was a young boy.

Torreira added that if the move is not possible now, via a transfer of his loan from Atletico to the Argentine powerhouses, then he would like to complete the move in the summer.

The 25-year-old has ‘already’ made the ‘decision’, with Torreira expressing as much to his agent on the night of his mother’s death, the ace does not wish to play in Europe ‘anymore’.

The understandably heavy-hearted Uruguayan wants to be close to his ‘home’ and ‘family’, something that the desired transfer to Boca  would accommodate.

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Lucas Torreira was loaned out by Arsenal after falling down the pecking order.

Here are Torreira’s emotional comments in full, we can only hope his wishes are fulfilled:

“I am trying to assimilate the situation, it is difficult to understand the moment but as time passes we will go to live with this pain.”

“My mother was 53 years old and died of COVID, there was an outbreak in Fray Bentos and she spent 11 days pushing and fighting but Monday morning I received the worst call.”

“I asked for a license (permission) at Atletico de Madrid, Cholo understood everything and they gave me a week, but I asked to stay a little longer. On Sunday I’m probably traveling.”

“I have to do my duty and life must continue. Atlético was very good to me and it’s important.”

“It’s not violent emotion or a crazy decision for my mother. I’ve always said that I wanted to play for Boca. I’m dying to play for Boca and I’ve always said it. Not only for my moment. If not now, in June.”

“The night my mother died one of the first to receive the news was my agent. I don’t want to play in Europe anymore, I want to play for Boca.”

“You have to stop the ball, it is not all of Europe. I want to be close to my home, my family.”

“My contract is with Arsenal and I’m on loan at Atleti but I want to go to Boca. I hope that the clubs agree. I haven’t had a good time personally for two years, without continuity.”

“Arsenal hurt me and Atletico don’t play me as I want. I just want to play for Boca.”

“Nobody from Boca called, he sent me a shirt. And the day Boca stayed out with Santos, I sent him a message to encourage him.”

“I just want to play for Boca. I’ve already made the decision, I do it for my old man. He asked me and I’m going to do it.”

Torreira was not afraid to admit that the past couple of years have not been ‘good’ for the midfielder, with a drop down the Arsenal pecking order that ‘hurt’ the midfielder followed by minimal at Atletico.

Lucas wants to complete the transfer for his ‘old man’ Ricardo Torreira, who has ‘asked’ his son to make the move. This moment perfectly encapsulates how much Lucas’ football means to the family.

The Gunners signed Torreira following his impressive 2018 World Cup campaign for £26m, per BBC Sport, hopefully some kind of agreement can be struck to help the ace at this difficult time in his life.

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