Trouble ahead for Man United as Solskjaer loses it in the dressing room with major star

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Despite still somehow managing to be in second place in the Premier League, all is not well at Manchester United.

The Red Devils were abject in the first half-hour against Brighton and Hove Albion, who deservedly led through old boy, Danny Welbeck.

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That prompted an on-field spat between Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Bruno Fernandes, which carried on into the dressing room at half-time according to the Daily Mirror.

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes

“Sometimes after international breaks it takes time – and then maybe the fireworks have to be lit at half-time,” Solskjaer was quoted as saying after the game.

“It’s always difficult to play Brighton. We have had good results and we’ve had to earn them the hard way. We managed to find a way in the second half.”

If nothing else, it gives a window into the passion that Bruno clearly has for the club, and evidences his anger at some of his team-mates not being up to the task and, perhaps, his manager needing to be a bit more demonstrable in his man-management.

The Norwegian still has the opportunity to lead his side to silverware this season, however, and a finish directly behind rivals Man City can’t be seen as a ‘failure.’

Clearly, however, things need to change if Bruno is to see out his contract at Old Trafford.

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  1. That is too naughty (Bruno) he should melodown his anger on his teammate for him to avoid disrespectful and individual critisms toward him.

  2. someone should tell bruno about japp stam & sir alec no player is bigger than man untd…..

      1. Bruno is not an island,we had many better players before and were cut lose when they became big headed

  3. Sometimes he’s just frustrated with his team mates. Its understandable, but he should be able to control anger and use it on his opponents

  4. No player man u, doesn’t mean man u should be frustrating his effort… He is human and he has every right to bring out his anger

    1. Bruno should know that a tree cannot make a Forest so he should control his anger.

      1. Bruno fello are so inconsistent & lazzy am tired and sick of dem . To me bruno is alway right by banging at them.

  5. Bruno get frustrated sometimes cause of the way his teammates play, hence he transfer the aggression either to the ref or opponents…I feel him many atimes…that’s what you get when you have bunch of lazy players

  6. Fernandez has leadership abilities in him, he’s come to utd to win trophies, not every season ending trophy less, so I like Fernandez’s winning mentality, this thing of seeing things not right n keep quiet, not good

  7. Bruno is a good player with a mind set of wining but does boys are too lazy that’s what ole stould be doing get angre with player for them to be serious

  8. I believe Bruno is more important to MANU than Ole.
    Ole’s comment after the game says it all.
    The guys always find a way to win !!
    He is totally out of his depth

  9. Am full support of what his doing bcoz ole don’t know what his doing. His scares of his players are lazy

  10. He should probably vent his anger on them since ole Gunnar soljaer couldn’t correct their mistakes

  11. He’s very right in being angry with them, imagine ole cheating down all time and watching life match from laptop ???

  12. Bruno is right to get angry with them cos that’s what man utd is lacking leadership spirit becos is a new player that’s why others don’t want to listen to him those man utd players are too lazy even when they are losing the game. Ole himself is a lazy coach cos he should be the one to dinger his players or pogba, Maguire but the three of them are just lazy. So tell him to leave my highest goals and assit alone.

  13. They should be told the truth never keep quiet when things are not going the right way.keep up Bruno.

  14. bruno is right cause some players are not giving their all especially when it comes to lindelof,he costs us against sevilla last season,the same with westbrom now brighton,bruno is ambitious even more ambitious than the coach,and as it stands man u will not get anyway without him and thats a fact

  15. Solkjaer should go. That will solve the problem. He is not coach material for United.Period.

  16. I say there should sack ole, b/cos it is a lazy coach. how can are player’s on the pitch it there sitting down and watch it on laptop

  17. All man u players are getting lazy all the time..but bruno is always there to pull them out of dangers..ole is not working but just a fan watching life match with a pamtop.

  18. Bruno is stupid….he should mind his own business in the team otherwise he will end up discouraging others…..

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