Man United could still win the Premier League as everything set up for them to avenge history with Man City

Going into January it looked like we would have a proper title race on our hands, but then Man City went on a ridiculously good run of form as they raced away to a huge lead.

Man United appeared to have chucked it with some poor results against struggling sides, but there is the slightest bit of hope after Man City lost at home to Leeds today.

It’s one almighty “if” because realistically United would need to win their remaining eight games and they tend to slip up far too often, but this might get a few fans thinking:

Ultimately this is still in City’s hands and they have players and a manger who have experience of seeing this out, but they do have some tricky games left.

A trip to Aston Villa is never simple while Chelsea and Everton should give them a good game at The Etihad, plus you could really look to push this and say relegation threatened Newcastle and Brighton could rise up and take something from their games.

It’s hard to see it happening, but history says it can be done and it would give United a chance to avenge the reverse scenario from 2012….


  1. Mr Seamus Gough says:

    Bellinham and neves in pogba and fred out and a cb and sances is a must

  2. Aggrey says:

    How i wish

  3. Jeremy Poynton says:

    Beyond pitiful article

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