Keith Hackett column: Red card for denial of obvious goalscoring opportunity is 30 today… but I won’t be celebrating

Where did the time go?

It’s 30 years today since I upset West Ham United fans by sending off Tony Gayle for the denial of an obvious goalscoring opportunity, in the 1991 FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest at Villa Park.

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When I raised the red card everyone inside the stadium was shocked and wondering why I had taken that course of action.

I can give you an insight by stating that if that foul had happened the previous weekend, I would’ve blown for the foul and not issued any further sanction.

So why did Gayle get the red?

A few days before the game, all the Football League referees were summoned to a meeting in Coventry.

The subject was to clarify and change our interpretation of the law with regard to DOGSO (Denial Of an obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity).

Keith Hackett

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Before the Thursday meeting we were operating the law where we would only issue a red card if the foul was cynical.

At Coventry we were instructed that any foul, if it denied an obvious goalscoring opportunity, would result in a red card.

So, with no communication by The FA to the stakeholders in the game my actions came as a shock.

From that date I have always made a point of advising fans etc of law changes and interpretations, but that incident will always haunt me.

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  1. rob perkins says:

    i was there and im a forest fan, THAT WAS NEVER A SENDING OFF,, hackett should have been sacked for that

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