“Hala Madrid”: Wife of Man United star admits she would love him to move to Real Madrid

We always think of a transfer in terms of what’s best for the player’s career, but it’s easy to forget that decisions have to be made with the family in mind as well.

A player is only going to struggle if they know their loved ones would rather be somewhere else, so it’s interesting to see some comments from Melanie Martial today.

She is married to Man United striker Anthony Martial, and a report from Get Football News France has looked at some of her recent comments in an interview with Konbini.

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She’s largely talking about what it’s like to be married to a footballer and all the struggles behind the scenes that nobody will really understand, but she did get talking about his future towards the end.

In fairness you can see she’s fully supportive of him and it doesn’t sound like she would put pressure on him to play for a certain team, but that may change if Real Madrid came calling:

The clubs of my heart, for me, selfishly if I was only thinking about me, I would say Real Madrid. Hala Madrid. But for him, the club that he should go to, is the club where he feels good.”

One of the main obstacles to that move actually happening would be Martial’s form as he hasn’t looked right at all this season, but it could also be that he needs a change of scenery to rejuvinate his career.

It won’t even be surprise if he does leave this summer to make way for a new arrival, but it would be a surprise if Melanie gets her wish.

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  1. Raphael says:


    1. Gggggg says:

      They would have plenty of time together as he would be sat on the bench – bye bye.

  2. pong says:

    take him to the moon if you want

  3. Yusuf says:

    Thanks for given us latest news around the world

  4. Suliya says:

    Madrid would be perfect, when are url going..All the best and thanks for special time spent at utd

  5. Adex says:

    Bye bye lad

  6. dalanko says:

    you are good too go,bye lazy martial

  7. Abubakar Abubakar says:

    He is not a complete striker,I don’t think real Madrid will sign a flop like Martial.

  8. Abubakar Abubakar says:

    He is a flop at man utd,I don’t think real Madrid will sign a selfish striker like Martial

  9. Wosukira julius says:

    It is good a wife to support his husband

  10. David Sunday says:

    , Maybe He should come to enyimba fc of nigeria to get him to his form

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