Sweden opens its football stadiums to the public again… but there’s a huge catch

With the coronavirus vaccine roll-out continuing apace, countries around Europe and the world are welcoming supporters back into football stadiums.

It’s a sign that things are very slowly, but surely, beginning to get back to normal.

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Clearly, there’s still a long way to go before grounds will be full again, however, if everyone takes the right precautions and the number of positive cases continues to drop, then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see packed houses again in due course.

Sweden are already allowing fans back into their top-flight grounds, although all is not as it seems in the Allsvenskan Division.

That’s because the government refused to grant an exemption to the country’s current ‘rule of eight,’ so for the AIK v Degerfors fixture, only eight supporters were allowed to attend in a ground that holds 50,000, per the Daily Star.

With one of the highest rates of positive tests in Europe, it’s been clear before this latest debacle that the government just haven’t got a grip of what it is they’re dealing with, or how to deal with it.