Report claims this needs to happen for Newcastle United’s takeover to go through

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It’s not like any fans should really need any extra motivation when it comes to hoping their team doesn’t get relegated, but this is interesting from a Newcastle United point of view.

It’s been reported that while there are still some concerns about the takeover being accepted by the Premier League, but there is a belief that the issues will be overcome to allow the takeover to happen.

The real problem now is Newcastle actually staying in the league, as it’s suggested that relegation could result in a whole bunch of new issues that will prevent it from happening.

Ultimately that’s due to the belief that Mike Ashley won’t get as much money for the club, and he’s going to want the current price that’s on offer so he’ll wait for them to go back up again.

Survival does look more likely after the win at the weekend and there’s added hope with Fulham hitting a dreadful run of time at a vital moment, but the fans will really need to hope they can somehow stumble over the line.