“War on football” – Man United legend Rio Ferdinand slams European Super League proposals

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Speaking on BT Sport on Sunday evening, Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand described talk of a breakaway European Super League as “war on football”.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, as the Daily Mail reported on Sunday afternoon, the Premier League Big Six signed up for plans for many of Europe’s ‘elite’ clubs to form a breakaway competition among themselves.

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The competition would be organised, run and competed in by the clubs themselves, with there being no prospect of them being relegated and replaced by other, potentially better-performing club sides.

Man United legend Gary Neville gave an impassioned speech on Sky Sports earlier in the day, and now former teammate Rio Ferdinand has had his go, speaking on BT Sport and condemning the plans for a breakaway league.

The real question is, why have we allowed our game to be ran by American billionaires, Saudi Princes, Russian oligarchs, and the rest, rather than THESE kind of players, who know what’s best for OUR game?

English football is in a sorry state right now. The Big Six ought to hang their heads in shame for what they’re attempting to do to football in this country.

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  1. The disappointing thing about elite clubs
    competition is the non relegation and non promotion of participating teams.

    Is like you are analysing an issue with no yard stick to measure. which team can be prove to be strong or weak at the end of the day.

    Ibrahim jas kanu from Sierra Leone.

  2. Tell Rio that he should tell the supporters of the six to simply get together and raise money themselves to buy the club.

    Just like he told the Newcastle fans.


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