European Super League format details revealed as Big Six clubs confirm their participation

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The copy-and-pasted, generic statement posted by clubs in wake of the announcement of the European Super League conception has provided insight into how the competition will work – not that anyone cares.

In case you missed it, and it’s difficult to imagine how you could have done, the European Super League announced today that it has had 12 signatures of intent from some of Europe’s biggest clubs to breakaway from the Champions League and concept a whole new competition, created and governed by themselves.

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Naturally, that raises a considerable amount of red flags, with clubs now answering only to themselves and competing in a league where relegation is not a possibility, regardless of your level of performance.

Now, it’s hard to imagine that, at this point, anyone actually cares about the finer details of the so-called European Super League or how it’s going to work, but seeing as it does look as though it will be coming to fruition, we ought to begin to get accustomed to the idea, while fighting it and resisting it the best we can.

Here’s the insight provided into the format of the potential competition, as has been provided by the European Super League via their official website.

Competition format

  • 20 clubs, 15 ‘founders’, 5 annual qualifiers
  • Two groups of 10 clubs, playing home and away fixtures
  • 8 clubs will progress into a straight knockout tournament
  • Competition will end with a ‘single-match Super League championship’ (via ESL)
  • Games played midweek, clubs still competing domestically
  • ‘Solidarity payments’ to clubs involved, estimated €10 billion


  1. Not in my clubs name.
    Ashamed to be a supporter of one of the so called big six.
    Pure greed. Impose the sanctions announced now.

  2. I think the standard of team mr Levy is going to use perhaps it would be wiser to join the Hackney Thursday league Division 5 instead.

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