(Photos) Liverpool fans protest with anti-Super League banners at Anfield

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Liverpool fans have made it clear that they oppose the European Super League with some banners protesting the new competition at Anfield today.

See below for images that have done the rounds online today, which will hardly surprise anyone given the reaction the Super League news has generally received from all sides…

Liverpool are one of 12 teams to have signed up to the proposed breakaway tournament, along with fellow Premier League big six sides Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

It remains to be seen if clubs will still be brave enough to go through with this after such a strong backlash.

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  1. The cartel of owners who have done this don’t care about the supporters at all, all they care about is profit and would welcome the clubs’ expulsion from the PL to concentrate on their money spinning project. I ceratinly won’t be attending one of their self serving matches. Unfortunately this has been coming since the PL was created. That was the first step to the catastrophe we now have.

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