“Genuine” desire for Liverpool, Real Madrid and co. to be stripped of UEFA titles if Super League goes ahead

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Liverpool, Real Madrid and other clubs could face the threat of being stripped of their UEFA titles if they go ahead with plans to join the new European Super League.

These clubs are some of the most successful in history, having won 19 Champions League titles between them, but it seems there is a genuine desire within UEFA to strongly punish teams looking to set up a breakaway league.

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See below as the reliable Chris Williams makes this big claim that could perhaps make clubs think twice about this controversial move…

Will the lure of all the money involved be enough to make clubs say goodbye to all their past glory? It wouldn’t be that surprising, but at the same time it could be damaging for their brands.

In general, this news has not gone down at all well and it’s hard to believe these teams are so set on doing something that would anger so many of their own supporters.