Exclusive: Former Man United star expects Super League to fall through and slams greedy Red Devils

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Former Manchester United midfielder Luke Chadwick could not hide his disappointment at the plans surrounding the creation of the new European Super League.

The ex-Red Devil feels the move is being driven entirely by greed, and aimed a dig at the owners of his former club as he thinks they surely have enough money already!

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It’s fair to say this news has been met with much anger and criticism from all quarters today, and Man Utd are far from the only ones to be on the receiving end of fan fury.

Liverpool fans have been to Anfield with banners to make their feelings clear, and it will certainly be interesting to see how clubs respond to this backlash.

Bruno Fernandes has also seemed to aim a dig at United over the decision, and Chadwick is clearly also not too impressed, though he has also expressed his doubts about whether it will actually end up going through.

“It’s all a bit disappointing really, it does seem like it’s built purely around financial gain,” Chadwick told CaughtOffside.

“Obviously it’s been a tough time with the pandemic, but that’s for everyone, it does seem a little unfair that these clubs are going to go off and earn their millions and then come back and play in the Premier League week in, week out.

“You need to think about the other clubs who are going to miss out on the financial aspect of this. The gulf that’s already there is only going to get even bigger.

“It renders the Champions League null and void because all the teams coming in are the same ones you’d expect to be there or thereabouts come the end of the Champions League season.

“It will be interesting to see what stance will be taken. I’m sure if expulsion from the leagues these teams come from comes in, then I’m not sure it will take place. It’s a bewildering situation really, it’s all quite sudden, there was no consultation with other clubs, they just decided to do this off their own backs.

“Obviously you’d have some great games but it becomes a bit diluted if they’re playing each other all the time. It would lose the drama that the Champions League has. Adding another tournament … the amount of football is already astronomical, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but to add even more just seems like too much really.”

There’s been talk of clubs being stripped of titles by UEFA if this move goes ahead, and Chadwick added that he hopes that kind of thing could persuade teams to have a change of heart.

“You’d like to think history is more important than financial gain, you look at the great players and great teams, they surely won’t want to have their trophies taken away for a few extra quid,” Chadwick said.

“I’m sure the owners are doing alright for themselves, there’s a big financial gain but when that becomes the be all and end all you’re in trouble as a football club. The fans are the most important people at the club, they’re going to be there long after the owners. You want football to be an enthusiastic place, not just something that’s all about money.

“In my honest opinion I think something’s going to fall through with this Super League and it won’t actually take place. There’s talk of Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich not agreeing to it, so it’s going to be interesting to see the moral compass of these other clubs and if they decide to change their decision. It’s certainly an interesting few weeks ahead, that’s for sure!”

When asked if someone like Marcus Rashford, who has been a vocal campaigner on some important issues in recent times, could help by speaking out against these plans, Chadwick said: “I don’t think it’s the players’ responsibility to speak out. You’d hope a club of Manchester United’s stature would come out and explain it a bit more.

“The stock comments that came out didn’t really provide much. The players are there to play football. This is bigger than players.

“The people at the top have got to take responsibility for this decision and speak honestly about why this has happened, because it does seem like a strange set of affairs.”

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