Gary Neville suggests Leeds try outrageous anti-Super League stunt against Liverpool tonight…

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville has made his feelings on the possible new European Super League perfectly clear.

It really is worth watching his passionate rant against the idea if you haven’t already, and you can do so by clicking here.

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Neville has now urged Leeds United to protest against the idea when they play Liverpool in the Premier League this evening, though we’re not sure we can see this happening.

See below as the pundit tweeted his suggestion that Leeds players should simply stand aside and let Liverpool score without competition, which is seemingly what they want by trying to join the new Super League…

This would be some statement if Leeds did it, and it would truly be something unlike anything we’ve seen in Premier League football before.

Liverpool are one of a number of clubs to announce they’re joining the Super League, along with Premier League rivals Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Liverpool and Leeds played out a thriller at Anfield earlier this season, with the Reds winning 4-3, and tonight’s game will no doubt be one to watch again.

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  1. Its a right load of shit, taking OUR game away from us for the sake of money. Bunch of Bastards. they should be ashamed. We deserve football owners who endure the history and what the fans truly think. Every fan is united in this battle against the owners. You do have to feel sorry for the players, having to endure the possibility of never playing for you country again is a awful, this is the height of football getting to represent you country and its being taken away for the sake of money and nothing else.
    Liverpool, United and the rest of the fan base ask yourself what is the holy grail to your club? I bet you its winning the prem, winning the champions league not some poxy super league.
    As fans we should stand united and boycott this league. Lets make the owners clear this is our game, our club and no matter how much money you have you will never take it away. we deserve far better owners and lets get them. #nosuperleague.

  2. Liverpool don’t do it ,it’s nothing to do for the fans ,it’s only to do with greed .if you do this I will change my support to the blues ,believe me I have been a red since I was 14 years of age I am now 72 .that’s how I feel about this ,don’t break it,if it’s not broken ,leave well alone

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