Video: “I don’t know why I’m living in his head” – Gary Neville and Jurgen Klopp go to war on Sky Sports MNF

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In the midst of all the European Super League talk, Jurgen Klopp and Gary Neville have found themselves involved in a war of words.

With football as we know it at risk of being ruined by cash-hungry club owners, those within the game ought to be uniting, and for the most part, they are.

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However, Gary Neville and Jurgen Klopp are at each other’s throats, with the Liverpool boss clearly having some sort of vendetta against the Sky Sports pundit.

Klopp, speaking to Sky Sports in wake of Liverpool’s draw with Leeds United at Elland Road, bizarrely singled out Gary Neville for criticism, even though the Man United legend is providing a voice to everyone who doesn’t want these reforms.

Being called out by a Premier League manager, especially the man in charge of the champions, is hardly a positive thing for a pundit, but in this case, Gary Neville does not care at all.

In fact, he’s merely questioned why he’s “living in his head” – and he’s got a point. Neville is cemented in Klopp’s head and is doing it rent free. Get your priorities in order, Jurgen…

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