(Photo) Chelsea fans stick anti-Super League banner outside Stamford Bridge

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Some Chelsea fans have made their feelings clear about the proposed European Super League with a strong banner against it outside Stamford Bridge.

See below as these Blues replaced ‘Pride’ in ‘Pride of London’ with ‘Shame’ following the news that Chelsea were among the 12 founding teams signing up to the controversial breakaway competition…

It remains to be seen if this big move will definitely go ahead, with fans very clearly opposed to the idea so far.

Chelsea could do well to listen to their supporters here and resist the urge to cash in on this opportunity at the expense of the history and tradition of the English and European game.


  1. Now here’s a thought.
    Who actually owns the rules of football?
    My understanding is that it is our own English FA who have permanently loaned them to FIFA.
    If the 12 clubs break away from mainstream football, then they should be legally barred from using our rules to play their ESL games which means they’d have to redraft and re-formulate the game in it’s entirety so that they don’t infringe copyright etc
    Would you want to watch an ‘ersatz’ form of footie?
    Another thought is that Chelsea are unique insofar as the club does not own the freehold of Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea Pitch Owners do.
    What if there is some legal way for the CPO to block non officially FIFA/EUFA/FA sanctioned games from being played there?
    What about the local council refusing to grant safety certificates for ESL games?
    As the UK is no longer a member of the EU, how about imposing strict border controls and visa requirements etc for visiting ESL teams?
    Put all these measures in place and where would that leave the ESL?

  2. Just tell Perez to do one and get out of this super league mess . What can he do if Chelsea say no to new league . He is only in charge of super league nothing else . Yes you will still get backlash from fans for joining but down the road they may forgive you come on Roman give a statement why you joined and then say void as not interested any more

  3. i think chelsea will rescind its initial decision to join The ESL.
    THE ESL league is A charade,And would not stand The Test
    of time.

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