Chelsea Supporters’ Trust urges board members to leave due to “untenable” positions after ESL farce

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It finally looks like the whole idea of the ESL is going to fall through, but there are still plenty of questions over what needs to happen next.

There will be relieved fans but it’s very important that board members at these clubs understand that there will be consequences for their actions.

There are plenty of supporters who are expressing a fear that this won’t go away and we’ll just see it reappear in a couple of years time, but that is more unlikely if people start losing their positions over this.

At the time of writing it’s only rumoured that Chelsea are going to pull out but it’s expected to happen, and it’s led to a strong message from the Supporters’ Trust this evening:

It’s clear that they want to see some resignations over the matter and it’s clearly too late for anyone to back track or find a way to be excused for their actions, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.