One of big six furious with Liverpool and Man United and “seriously considering” pulling out of Super League

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One of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham are reportedly considering pulling out of the European Super League.

This controversial proposal would see these four teams join Liverpool and Manchester United in forming a breakaway tournament alongside European giants like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

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However, these plans have not gone down at all well with fans or pundits alike, and it seems there may already be signs of things crumbling.

According to Alex Wickham in the tweet below, one of the big six clubs is now furious with Liverpool and Man Utd for lying to them…

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It’s not clear which club is getting cold feet about this, but one imagines we may soon find out more.

If one of them goes, it will be interesting to see what effect this has on the whole plan, with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund already confirming they won’t be joining the Super League.

It would be fair to say those involved probably didn’t expect such a strong reaction against the plans.


  1. As a Spurs fan i stand beside fans of all other clubs inc our bitter rivals in opposing this crap. My own club 2 league in cups 30 years. Are they for real. I want them to knuckle down & bring real traditional success. Not kill my own dreams & those of all other

  2. Man united should pls leave the ESL, they shouldn’t kill my dream and the remaining Man United fans, pls rethink on this breakaway issue, the songs, joy, claps, screams can never be the same once you breakaway from EPL

  3. Rubbish, maybe one of the so called big six has seen there own arse and decided its too hot to carry on, then blaming Manu or liverpool

  4. One of the “big 6” has won less in the last 50 years than Nottingham Forest who themselves haven’t won that much on the domestic front. Its laughable.

  5. fans of the current ” big six” – could determine , they cannot afford to support their team or no longer want to because of their greed, can also decide NOT to watch matches on television. Then let’s see how their TV contract’s pan out.

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