“Get out of our club” – These Arsenal fans send a clear message to Stan Kroenke after ESL appears to collapse

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It appears that several club owners horrifically misread what the reaction from their fanbase would be when the ESL was announced a couple of days ago.

Football has been loved by multiple generations because there’s a competitiveness about the game and clubs can rise and fall through the leagues, so taking all of that away was never going to go down well.

The founding members tried their best to pain this as a great move for football in terms of competition, but it was clearly all about money and even fans of the clubs who were in line to benefit stood against it.

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Teams are starting to pull out of their agreement with the new league and Ed Woodward has been forced to resign from his role at Man United, and there’s an expectation that more will follow.

Stan Kroenke hasn’t been overly popular with Arsenal fans recently so many wouldn’t need any persuasion to try and get him to get out of the club, and the messages on Twitter are clear tonight:

The most notable thing here is that while there is a reaction of relief, a lot of people also want to see consequences so simply trying to go back on the agreement isn’t going to be enough, and it looks like many more heads will roll.

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  1. arsenalfc has ever been a family, loved club by within and outside. everybody love to watch arsenal play both in the premier league, champions league, or europa. but not stan is distroying the legacy of the club, not just the club but football competition. stan sell your shares to Dangote and live our club. Stan out. Dangote in. We know it’s for the money shameless man sell your shares and get lost

  2. We only need our club back to where it is before, Afc was well known all over the global long a go, stan kroenke out for good and Dagote in for good. Do you really care for the team?

  3. The day Kroenke will leave Arsenal I think I will get back my smiles on my face. Another worry of mine is ‘Shall we realy see our mascot Gunnersaurus back next season when fans get back to stadium?’.

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