“Greedy shower of b*stards” – Manager raises the stakes as he calls out those behind the ESL

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In times of adversity we often see the unlikeliest heroes start to emerge, and we’ve seen that in recent days when even Liverpool fans are supportive of what Gary Neville has had to say on the formation of the ESL.

Ultimately you have to imagine that those behind the new league probably don’t care what the Arbroath manager had to say on the matter, and you can even argue that it’s fairly irrelevant as the Angus side are unlikely to qualify for it any time soon.

Viewers of Soccer Saturday may be aware of Dick Campbell after a recent segment aired about his work in the Scottish game, and it also turns out that he speaks for a lot of us on this matter too.

The Courier reported on his views on the matter, and it’s clear that it’s not gone down well in the Campbell household:

“My wife’s reaction sums it up. She normally takes it all in her stride and isn’t fussed about football but she’s absolutely furious.

“What these money men are doing is appalling. It’s disgusting and anyone involved should be utterly ashamed of themselves. They are nothing but a shower of greedy b*******.

“The game used to be a way out of the poverty trap. It was a game that could be played and enjoyed by all and it offered light, hope of better times.

“When I was a boy we’d get one football between four of us on Christmas Day and we were in our element.

“I guarantee 90 per cent of the fans will find it hard to get the money together to pay for the astronomical ticket or TV prices to watch any of these games in The Super League.

“Players are already on £500,000-a-week and more. Where does the greed end?”

It’s becoming clear that there’s a growing divide between football fans as some still love the game and show a passion for it, while others just see it as entertainment and couldn’t care less about the bigger picture, while it will quickly be discarded as an interest when something else comes along.

Plenty of you will ignore these comments because you don’t see Dick Campbell as a relevant figure in the argument, but if football had more characters like him rather than the money-grabbers then you can guarantee it would be a much more enjoyable thing to watch.


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