Manchester United share price drops after European Super League drama unfolds as talk that the Glazers will sell intensifies

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The corporate editor of the Financial Times has taken to Twitter to show that the Manchester United share price has now dropped as the drama of the club signing up to the European Super League unfolds.

The price actually rose after the initial announcement that the Red Devils would be part of what was shaping up to be a breakaway competition, which is a sad indicator of what the world is like these days.

It’s now dropped back to where it was before the news, with Sky Sports reporter Bryan Swanson also showing a graph of the recent markets, highlighting just how much of a downward trend it’s currently on.

One of our reporters was the first to exclusively reveal that United are now in the process of withdrawing from the plans, following the suit of Chelsea and a stance that rivals Man City have also taken.

The outrage at the club’s involvement has led to an announcement that executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward is resigning, met with hard to believe noise from sources that it isn’t Super League related.

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Just as the ruling Glazers family lose value – or rather for now it’s returning to it’s former price, but could of course drop further – it’s been reported by Mike Keegan that they may consider selling the club.

That will be music to United fans’ ears considering the widespread dislike for the American shot-callers since they completely took charge of the historic club in 2005.

You’d think it would be difficult for someone to meet their valuation of the club at a time like this, in the hopefully latter stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, but they have truly lose the fans – if they hadn’t already – with the involvement in this sickening scheme that would’ve ruined English football.

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