Real Madrid President Florentino Perez proposes an even more extreme ESL alteration as he seeks to destroy football

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We’ve learned a lot of things about certain individuals this week, and it now seems fair to suggest that Florentino Perez hasn’t met very many young adults in his life.

He’s trying with all of his might to suggest that the formation of the ESL is there to help make the game more accessible for the younger audience, while we simply have to assume that the massive financial rewards are just a happy coincidence for his debt-ridden club.

He’s talked about 16-24 year olds having less interest in the game and that the ESL will change that, but it could also be that football is horrendously expensive to watch when you factor in ticket prices or TV subscriptions, and this will only make it more expensive.

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But he’s not content with trying to destroy hundreds of years of tradition and joy in an attempt to fill his own pockets and to cover up for the financial mismanagement from his club by killing the current league system, it also looks like he wants to make the games shorter as well:

It seems we are now dangerously close to football becoming a glorified type of “sports entertainment” rather than a competitive game anymore, and you can guarantee that will turn a lot more fans off when there’s no meaning behind it anymore.

Catering for a fickle audience who will ignore football and move on to the next trend without a second thought at the expense of the fans who love and care for it is madness, and you can guarantee this will only end in one way.

We’re told that every game in this new ESL will be a box office affair – but if your team has a bad start and can’t win the competition then what is there to actually get excited about?

There’s no relegation so there will be more dead-rubbers than ever before, while it’s not like there are European spaces to play for either so the vast majority of these games will quickly become glorified friendlies.

If that is the case, then maybe it’s for the best that the games are shorter…

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