UEFA offered Premier League ‘big six’ ‘significant’ amount of money to leave European Super League in dampening news claims report

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According to Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo, there really is no righteous win for football after the collapse of the European Super League following the Premier League big six’s withdrawal…

Mundo Deportivo report that the outrage across English football, from fans, pundits, players and managers alike was not the only factor why the clubs have now officially started withdrawal processes.

Mundo Deportivo report that troublemakers Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City did not cower away due to ‘threats’ but because they were ‘offered’ a lot of money.

The Spanish outlet claims that a ‘significant sum’ has been offered to the betrayers of a game originating in their own nation. With it added that this offer has not reached Spanish clubs yet.

It’s stressed that UEFA’s way of life was threatened by the proposals that would’ve rendered the Champions League and Europa League useless and so they delved into their pockets for a solution.

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Is this really a win for football?

Mundo Deportivo add that the Spanish clubs involved in the breakaway proposals, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, are seen as the ‘main enemy’ by UEFA.

The Spanish outlet even shockingly claim that La Liga’s powerhouses don’t see the Premier League club’s back step as a ‘definitive’ choice, convinced this project will come back to life.

The delusion of Florentino Perez, Joan Laporta and Miguel Angel Gil Marin seems to know no bounds.

A Super League consisting of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico alongside Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan alone will absolutely never take off.

Whilst the Premier League big boys have seen the outrage their greed has caused and would be foolish to try such plans again.

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  1. Kudos to the German clubs for not joining in. Also the French clubs (though they had other reasons). Also for for Klopp for speaking up against it. For the rest, clubs, managers … you have shown you true colors. All u are interested in is $$$.

    1. Except that all players and other managers notably Pep, did speak out against it. And don’t be so kind to the German clubs they knew full well they would be accepted into a Super League at any given time so could afford to hang back and not put their name to it.

      1. Actually the German sides were not allowed to join same as the french clubs theyre owned by the supporters and knew it would be taboo.

        Also its already been made very clear neither the managers or players were aware of it.

        The owners and CEOs are not the club.

        1. PSG is not owned by supporters, they are owned, ultimately, by the state-owned Qatar Investment Authority, which is worth at least £250 billion. By far the most potential money of any club in the world, they dwarf even Citeh’s dosh.

  2. This started decades ago with the formation of the ‘Premier League’. Commercial greed with ever increasing prices for tickets, club merchandise, TV subscription and lack of accountability for wealthy owners piling debt on to clubs and not themselves. FIFA, UEFA, PL, FA, EFL, some European leagues and corruption have all led to this situation.
    Greed before integrity, fans and community. It’s the business free market end game…. disaster for the community.
    In football or the wider communities across Britain and the world.

  3. nothing really much but I just feel relaxed for the back out of the epl big six clubs, now we can breathe and sleep well with our eyes closed.
    I was having insomnia because of this so called European Super League.
    Another thing is that am really happy that Ed-woodward has resigned from man u, executive vice-chairman.

  4. It will happen again. The Glazers for example see Man U and its supporters as too much of a cash cow to sell. They will bleed that club dry and leave it in a dire position before selling it. Did not trust them in the first place so why trust them after all this.

  5. Lotta people claiming greed and corruption on perez, but FIFA and UEFA are the ones corrupt, perez is just trying to save clubs financially, and UEFA payed EPL clubs big bucks to keep them in their fold since these are their money bringers, people have their eyes in the wrong direction. IDIOTS.

    1. What colour is the sky on the planet you live on?
      Better UEFA with its faults than the parasitic owners of the ESL wannabes.

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