Video: Chelsea fans start to protest outside Stamford Bridge as they urge players to speak out

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It’s clear that there’s plenty of opposition from fans over the formation of the ESL, but the project will ultimately live and die with what the players decide to do.

It’s likely they’ve been told to stay quiet by the clubs as any mass protest from the players would be catastrophic for the image of the ESL, so it will need a group effort as the club isn’t going to sack their entire squad when you consider how much it’s worth.

Urging the players to speak out is one of the key themes of the protest from Chelsea fans tonight as they’ve started to gather outside Stamford Bridge:

They aren’t the only set of fans doing this today as similar scenes were seen outside The Emirates, so it’s clear how much angst this announcement has caused.

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  1. Let chelsea withdrew immediately from super league and whoever signed this agreement, we want to warn you for the last time.

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