Video: ‘Give people time’ – Chelsea legend Petr Cech pleads with protesting fans to allow bus into Stamford Bridge after ESL controversy

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In chilling scenes this evening, Chelsea legend and current technical director Petr Cech has stormed out to face protesting fans after the club’s shocking decision to join the European Super League.

Huge numbers of fans started to protest outside the club’s Stamford Bridge home recently, just hours before tonight’s Premier League clash against Brighton is to be played.

This comes after a banner was hoisted outside the club earlier today following the plans that have shocked world football to the core and pose a serious threat to the Premier League and English football as a whole.

Cech rushed into the sea of protesters before shouting ‘give people time’, suggesting that the Blues may well be on the brink of withdrawing from the plans that could collapse the ESL entirely.

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“Let people sort this out, but this is not the thing… Give people time! Let the people in, let the bus go in.”

In the second clip Cech is heard saying “I know, but give everybody time.”

Cech’s points are not only human ones as I hinted that the club are already and thankfully second-guessing their signing up to the ESL, but it will also help the team.

We can’t imagine what is going through the heads of Thomas Tuchel’s players after this stand made by the fans, but Cech urging protesters to back off and allow the team bus in ultimately the right thing.

The Blues can’t have their preparations for the clash against Brighton hindered even more, whilst Cech’s intervention takes the innocent players – who don’t appear to be support the idea – out of the firing line.

All this despicable idea needs is for a team of Chelsea’s stature to withdraw and it may well come tumbling down, the future of English football lies in the hands of the Blues and even Manchester City.

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