Premier League reform planned that would invite Rangers and Celtic in new Super League idea

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According to the Sun, the ‘Big Six’ misfits remain convinced that a reform of the Premier League is needed, so there are now plans to invite Scottish powerhouses Rangers and Celtic to a new division.

The Sun report that the idea that would see the Glasgow-based giants involved in a larger Premier League are being ‘actively discussed’ and would be ‘backed’ by FIFA, UEFA and the government.

It’s added that Celtic and Rangers would ‘jump’ at the possibility to eat a slice of the lucrative  Premier League cake, which would bring them in on broadcast deals and make them even bigger worldwide.

The Sun even dubiously claim that the rest of the Scottish Premiership wouldn’t even be opposed to the Old Firm leaving, as it would give them a chance to win the title and qualify for the Champions League.

It’s even suggested that the cross-border English and Scottish competition would appeal to the UK government, as green-lighting the plans could stave off a proposed second Scottish independence referendum, football could be being primed to play a dangerous and unethical role in politics.

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Do you think these plans would be good for British football?

It’s stressed that FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s recent comments on league mergers between Holland and Belgium and Mexico and the MLS make this a realistic proposal that could be approved.

It would be interesting to see fan reaction to this talk, which comes just a day after the Premier League ‘Big Six’s’ backtracked from plans to join a European Super League after widespread outrage.

If something like this was ever to happen, you’d have to hope that grassroots football in Scotland wouldn’t be left to suffer, as well as other professional clubs in the highlands.

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  1. I dont agree, but ive said for ages the League cups should merge , giving League cup more appeal

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