UEFA confirm 12 clubs involved in failed European Super League coup will face punishment

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UEFA have confirmed that the 12 clubs involved with the attempted formation of the European Super League will face consequences, reports RMC Sport’s Mohamed Bouhafsi.

The actions of the 12 clubs who signed up to join the European Super League, which included Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea Tottenham and Liverpool, have had the football world in uproar over the past 72 hours.

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The deceit displayed by those pulling the strings at the relevant clubs will mean that distrust will linger, even with all clubs having listened to their supporters and U-turned on their intent to participate in the competition.

UEFA, who should never be taking the moral high ground in any situation, realistically, are apparently prepared to do exactly that in wake of all this madness. Have a look at this tweet by RMC Sport’s Mohamed Bouhafsi.

It’s incredibly rich for UEFA to be talking about clubs feeling shameful, as if their conscience has been clean for a single day since their inception. But yes, the Big Six, and the others involved, ought to face retrospective punishment.

A message needs to be sent.

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  1. UEFA has no moral ground to punish the clubs. It’s UEFA’s inability which led those clubs to move for super league. I suggest if they check how they are doing their tasks.

    Z 12 clubs CEO and owners should be punished if it is needed. The clubs belong to funs…

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